09-12-15, Wednesday

The Prediction!!

25-11-15, Wednesday


Dunno what I’m saying here but I’m having a great time


ADN Spotlight Showcase

01-11-15, Sunday



With Bang Radio host Amanda Star just after playing MUSICOOL Live x

22-09-15, Tuesday

emaé- Green Note Flyer (Sold Out)


15-07-15, Wednesday


16-01-15, Friday

The Bandem and I, about to go on at Daniela Hogger’s Album Launch.

Happy as clams.

Stunning heart, stunning girl.

I’m so happy to support you.


10-01-15, Saturday


Private screening at the British Film Institute.

hello, ciao, hola, bonjour, konnichiwa

and every language in between

let’s be friends.

06-12-14, Saturday


#SomethingBeautiful #OfficialVISUALS 

29-11-14, Saturday

31-10-14, Friday

01-11-14, Saturday

Going back to my university today to perform as an ALUMNA. The nostalgia will be palpable.

Sometimes, I’m in a band. That band is called El Libero and it contains some of my FAVOURITE people on the planet. Today we shot for something verrry exciting!

22-10-14, Saturday

M O B O ‘ S

we appreciate talent.

12-10-14, Wednesday

(LEFT) My friend sent me this as he was walking down the street. That was AWSUM. (RIGHT) The attic was our green room, I made the most. #ChillinAtTheBigChill #GigTimes

12-10-14, Sunday

YES. Fun Fun Fun! Deets on the live page x

30-09-14, Tuesday

My good friend Midé played Floripa. His new music video Wind Chimes also played, so at one point it was (Wind Chimes) x2. Can’t have too many Wind Chimes.

Little bro to the left on his guitar flex.

28-09-14, Sunday

Rehearsals with the Bandem in Southampton. Max isn’t a pianist, he’s a #KickAssDrummer.

18-09-14, Thursday

Pre-show run-through in the non-green room. #AudioLounge

14-09-14, Sunday

It was a BBC kinda weekend. Orchestre Symphonique de Kinbanguiste. #YESAfrica

13-09-14, Saturday

Backstage, in front of stage, beside stage. What’s left… #OnStage #BBCProms #HeresToTheFUTURE

19-08-14, Tuesday

SoFraiche Magazine launch

09-08-14, Saturday

 A F R I C A // F A S H I O N // W E E K

16-08-14, Saturday

 On set with the Bandem. Time for TV…

02-08-14, Saturday

The team and I went to Premier Radio HQ for a chat with Loretta Andrews on Unsigned on Premier.
Memories and acoustic vibes, catch it here

16-07-14, Wednesday

Floripa, I had a wonderful time.

09-07-14, Tuesday

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 00.56.12
as a newbie with a one week old song, this is big.
hello, JAPAN

07-07-14, Monday

 The view from today’s adventure.

 There was also this big BRIT award.

28-06-14, Saturday #AudioLoungeSessions


 The ‘bandem’ and I at AudioLounge. Good times.

26-06-14, Thursday #DayZERO IT’S OUUTT!!!




24-06-14, Tuesday, #DayTWO anticsScreen Shot 2014-07-09 at 01.06.13

‘Pick me up, before you go go…’ #wronglyrics #itswakemeup



19-06-14, Thursday #Day9


Recently, I was here to learn. Creativity Loves COMPANY. Also, they gave me a free bag #IslandRecords #ILOVEfreestuff


13-06-14, Friday #Day15

We celebrate education. Lots of wine that looked expensive, shame I don’t drink. #NotReallyAlcoholTastesYucky #GraduationBall


16-06-14, Monday #Day12

Got my results and I PASSED. Yes, we had the Graduation Ball before results came out. Here’s the single artwork! Wasn’t meant to release it today BUT I am officially a graduate and I am happy x


09-06-14, Monday #Day19

‘Time waits for no man.’ Day 19 already. Not long, not long at all …

07-06-14, Saturday #Day21

One week gone, Three weeks to go…


05-06-14, Thursday #Day23

looking like the next single.

03-06-14, Tuesday #Day25


take my card.


06-06-14, Friday #Day22

not in Kansas anymore. #actuallyjustnotinLondon

04-06-14, Wednesday #Day24


02-06-14, Monday #Day26

@stephenkhay adding the awesomeness #producer #comebackfromSouthKorea #day26


31-05-14, Saturday #Day28

Ch-ch-changes! So apparently this is my transition into “reality,” at least that’s what everyone is saying to me these days:

      “Welcome to the real world…”

What they don’t realise is I’ve been waiting for this reality for the last 4 years, during my (awesome) degree. The journey begins, my first single is out on the 28th June! I can’t wait for you to hear it.

                           love x